Stretching Exercise

If your backal ligament is shortened, you may feel lower back pain. How to prevent ? Doing stretching exercise everyday is the only method.

The following method suggested.



1. Place two sturdy and plain chairs near the wall as illustrated.

2. Sit on the edge of the chair closer to the wall.

3. Lie down. Lift and place your right leg against the wall and keep straight while trying to touch the floor with your left foot and resting your stretched arms next to your ears. Maintain this posture for 10 minutes. You may move your left leg in a circular motion as if you were cycling.

4. Move the chairs to the other side and repeat Steps 1-3. but this time, place your left leg against the wall instead for 10 minutes.



If you suffer from

- hypertension or

- osteoporosis or

- any heart or blood vessel diseases or

- physical weak for a long time

make sure you consult your doctor prior to doing the stretching exercise La Jin.


This is because the pain incurred during La Jin can speed up palpitation and elevate the blood pressure. The osteoporosis patients shall cautious against bone fracture or split.  A fragile patient might faint because of the pain.  In these cases, the good intention might make the misdemeanor.  Elderly and ill people should not act with undue haste; they may try to put a small pillow to slightly raise the head so as to avoid cerebral hemorrhage.  It is better to slow down to a suitable pace; with time there will certainly be improvements.